Gecko® Nanoplast® - medical bandage


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  • width: 50mm

  • color: nature

  • packing unit: 1m

Gecko® Nanoplast® - medical bandage

A silicone film with 29,000 engaging elements x cm²

Width: 50mm
Length: 1m
Color: natural
Range of temperature: from -30°C to + 150°C ( for brief periods of time )

This innovative silicone film Gecko® Nanoplast® can replace, in the treatment of hypertrophic scars, the traditional silicone/compression garment gel system with significant differences in favour of Gecko® for the objective measurements on elasticity and skin barrier ratio ( hydration/TEWL ). It is especially indicated for scars on arms, fingers and lower legs.

Gecko® conforms to the following standards:

    - Cytotoxicity test DIN EN ISO 10993-5, 1999-11
      Biological test Medical device
    - Primary Skin Irritation test DIN EN ISO 10993-10
    - Haemocompatibility test ISO 10993-4
      (Thrombozyten, Haematolysis, Coagulation, Complement activation)
    - Air permeability test ASDM D1434-82

Gecko® Nanoplast® is washable and reusable.

A randomized single centre study has been performed on 60 patients divided into 2 groups: half with Gecko®Nanoplast®, half with adhesive silicone gel sheets. Beyond best performance with Hydration and elasticity, there was verified also an high patient satisfaction, no adverse effects like skin maceration using the Gecko® tape were reported during the study.

Cost effective: 1 product instead of 2 thanks to the combination of pressure and occlusion.

The full study, performed by Oscare, Antwerp Belgium, is available on request.

Application video:

Gecko® Nanoplast® is supplied in a non-sterilise packaging. If necessary you can use the method:
    - Autoclave with gravitation process: cycle time 60 min. at 132°C. drying 125 min.
    - Autoclave with pre vacuum: cycle time 25 min. at 132°C. Drying 70 min.

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